Three Boys and a Girl

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big News

Luke’s binky broke, and he threw it in the trash. After we talked about babies for a while, Luke decided that binkies were for babies, and since he’s a big boy, he went to bed without his tonight! This afternoon he was sure he was too old for a binky, but then in the evening he was beside himself wanting it. So he and I went to the store because I wasn’t sure I was ready for the challenge of him going without it.

As we walked into the store holding hands, he maturely said, “So, where are the binkies.” I told him they were by the baby stuff, and he said “that’s because binkies are for babies, not big boys.” We even went to the binky isle and looked at them, (hanging there surrounded by tons of other baby stuff,) but his resolve didn't waver. He was so sure of it, that he decided (on his own) that we shouldn’t buy one after all, and he went to bed this evening without even asking for it. I’m impressed that he felt strongly enough about it to overcome the desire for what he’s accustomed to.

I guess he really is a big boy. :)

And speaking of big boys, we have another one who turns 9 tomorrow! The house is decorated, the cake is made, the presents are wrapped, and I can't wait for him to see his new bike! Being a parent is good stuff.

(PS - They learned about insects at scouts and made little homes for fruit flies so each scout could bring these critters into their very own home and watch them duplicate into swarms. I won't say we didn't have a bit of a catastrophe here at home with them when the lid mysteriously popped off, but don't worry, the two flies remaining in the jar recovered admirably and have produced a thriving posterity nonetheless.)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The other night for Family Home Evening we were playing a card game with the kids, and Seth had chosen to be on my team. After John won two games in a row, Seth reconsidered and said, “I decided to change teams...” as he went over and sat by John. I had to laugh. And then I laughed again when I won the next game! Booyah! Take that! Mom can win sometimes too! :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ode to John :)

It’s days like today that I’m so grateful for a fantastic husband. I was beat after a full day of trying to handle crying, disobeying and all sorts of other mayhem, and he came home with a smile on his face, and open arms for the two little ones who’s mood immediately brightened when they saw him. They were overjoyed, actually, and it lightened all our moods.

And then in the evening John handled the discipline problems of the day so wisely, and took all the emotional load off of me. He can come home with a clear head, not having been affected by the kids’ actions during the day, and he can handle things with an even temperament. I’m just so grateful for the wonderful father and husband he is. He brought peace and happiness home with him when he walked in the door. :)

He just got wind I was posting this and said, "You're gonna trash my street cred."

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Our funny man

Here's the back story on that one goofy picture of Seth a couple posts ago. I saw the three of them sitting there reading, and managed to catch a picture.

Then they started to look up and notice what I was doing. The camera is so distracting!

So when Seth found out he was being photographed, he decided to up it a notch, as is common for Seth.

And of course he had to get in the CENTER of the shot. :) And Ellen tries her hand at making funny faces. :)

He's been super keen on humor since he was a baby. Somehow he knew even back then what would make people laugh. He cracks us all up all the time. :)

Jonathan's birthday dinner. Nice choice of food, bud. Seth still steals the show. :)

Funny boy. :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

And they're off!!

We drove out to our lot to see if they had started digging yet, or how big the hole was, and were met with a most lovely surprise!!

Needless to say, everyone was very excited. Seems pretty real now. And somehow quite surreal at the same time.

Everyone got their fill of tractors and dirt hills. The boys wanted to pose everywhere for pictures. :)

In other news, John and Jonathan finished building their erector set motorized car this week and it turned out awesome! We're just all about building lately, it seems. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

It Starts

Luke is amazing.

He knows all his letters and knows what they say.

When we read books together he points to the words and asks us what it says. He’s almost more interested in the words than in the pictures. Lately he follows along with his finger as we read. He starts at the upper left and goes from left to right, and then back to the left when we start a new line. ... He turned 3 last week.

(I love finding the two of them like this. And I love Ellen's studious look...)

And tonight he really blew me away. We were reading a board book about colors. There was one page with a baby wearing a bow, with two words on the page. He was thinking the word was going to be “bow.” He started with the first letter, “starts with a ‘r’, mom,” and said rrr, then moved his finger along to the e, said “ehhhh,” then moved his finger to the d and finished with the d sound. Then he put it all together (unprompted) and realized it what it said! “It says red!”

But he was upset, because he was expecting to read “bow,” which was the next word. I pointed that out to him, and he was relieved and satisfied. But he had sounded out and read and understood “red” without knowing beforehand what the word would be! He followed along with his little left hand pointer finger for the rest of the book too, pointing to the letters as we got to them in the words.

This is what comes of having an older brother in kindergarten. Letters and reading are all the rage, and Luke can’t help but pick up on some of it. Amazing.

Right before hair cuts, clearly. But as a side note, it's a cryin' shame that the girl has the shortest hair of the whole bunch. She could take a lesson or two herself from her older brothers. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kid Compliments

Today at lunch Ellen was being darling as usual, and Seth said, "Ellen is the coolest girl in the whole world..." Then he looked at me, and smiling added with special emphasis, "Including You, mom."

...I'm assuming he meant to say, "except for you" and I'm taking it as a compliment. I love when kids' compliments get turned around like this. You just have to smile and say thanks, and try not to laugh. :) Like when our boys have said, "Mom, this dinner is actually really good!" And you just have to realize that they're still figuring out the details of this language of ours, (specifically, when and when not to use the word "actually.") It's charming, really.

Seth on a day at school where he got to be "King" and lead the class. He's eating up kindergarten. Elementary school rocked, didn't it! :)

And PS, yes, that first picture is proof of why you all get so many prank calls from our house... You'd think I'd have snatched it away instead of standing there taking a picture, but with Seth being so sweet with her like that, I couldn't resist.